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The Farm By The River is owned and operated by Bill and Eve Klotz and has been in Eve's family for nearly 50 years.  

Bill’s passion for farming, he says, “Is partly genetic because my Dad was always working in our garden and enjoyed the harvest that my Mom helped put by every year when we were growing up. My Dad’s parents came from Czechoslovakia and lived off their small farm in Central Connecticut near where my parents raised us. I then worked on a vegetable farm for summer jobs as a teenager and I guess I got the bug then. I went to UNH and fell in love with New Hampshire and have never left. I am thankful to my Dad for passing along the gene because I truly love what I do. Working in the garden is my recreation. I cannot imagine what else I would be doing.”  Bill is also a master gardener; he runs a landscaping, farm care-taking and maintenance business as part of The Farm By The River enterprise. 

 Eve is a clinical social worker and works full time as the clinical director of a community mental heath center. Eve also enjoys gardening and farming and has been most involved, with Bill doing the heavy lifting, in bringing Katahdin Hair Sheep, chickens and pigs onto the farm with the goal of growing, and knowing the meat that we eat. I decided if I cannot eat an animal that I have loved, then I should not eat meat at all. In the beginning, I did not believe I would be able to. Although it is never easy, I am at peace now knowing that animals have a great existence here, are well loved and at the harvest have had the best life possible. I do eat less meat now but when I do, it is ours and we are thankful to the life given on our behalf. 

 Bill and Eve have two sons, Alex and Tim, who are now grown and living in New Hampshire. We consider them the first generation of true New Hampshire natives in our family as they were born and raised here and both attended and graduated from the University of New Hampshire. We are thankful that they have both chosen to live in New Hampshire and are around to give us their love and much needed support.

 The Farm By The River was originally owned by Eve's parents, Albert and Helen Varrieur who purchased the property in 1964 from the Charles H. Watts Family. They both loved gardening, ran a greenhouse business and planted the seed for the farm that has evolved. The farm was passed along to Bill and Eve in 2001. 

 The Farm By The River is a family farm that has evolved over forty years into a working farm with gardens, fields and woods that frame the Ossipee River which flows into Maine’s Saco River and then to the Atlantic Ocean. The farm also sits over one of the largest stratified, drift aquifers in New England. We have a strong conservation ethic and are mindful of the impact of agriculture on the environment. The river land is under easement with the Audubon Society. We have been involved in a cost share program with the Natural Resource Conservation Service(USDA) for five years and are required to maintain a high standard of low environmental impact agricultural practice as recipients of that much appreciated support. Support from NRCS has been integral to the development of the farm infrastructure. Farm projects including fencing, water system in the fields, high tunnel for extending the growing season, pollinator program, brook trout program, and forestry and field projects beneficial to wildlife habitat have all had cost share funding from NRCS.

 We are eternally thankful to our parents and families, including the Charles H. Watts family, the USDA/NRCS, the community and many individuals, including our intern Madeline Long for their support in this endeavor. We have been given a great gift of stewardship over this land and farm. We are committed to doing the best we can by it, the animals who live on it, the produce and gardens we grow on it, and the animals we feed from it for as long as we are able to remain here.

Contact Information 
The Farm By The River 
Bill and Eve Klotz 
158 Province Lake Road 
Effingham, New Hampshire 
Phone- (603) 539-7245 
(603) 986-1504 
Visits to the farm are by appointment.
Please call between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM

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